At our menu we have: Starters, Salads, Meat (from the grill), Glories of the sea. Everything is fresh and homemade. In addition to the menu we have different ‘Specials’.


Soup of
the day
homemade * 6.50
Onionsoup homemade – with baguette and cheese * 6.50
Carpaccio homemade beef carpaccio 10.50
Prawn jar cooked in sweet spicy sauce 10.50

* Vegetarian


small large
Goats cheese salad a delicious goats cheese in a bed of salad and nuts * 10.50 14.50
Caesar salad freshly made with chicken, croutons, and Italian Parmasan ** 9.50 14.50

* Vegetarian
** Can also be served as a vegetarian meal.

MEAT from the grill

Chicken breast 13.00
Chicken saté marinated with mild or spicy saté sauce 12.50
Satay 2 sticks marinated pork with mild or spicy satay sauce 14.50
Spare ribs

marinated ribs with BBQ sauce
(1/2 rib 12.50)

Duo pork satay and chicken satay, fried onions and garlic sauce 15.50
Served with salad, and chips
Fillet steak per 100 grams 14.50
Beef fillet satay +/- 150 grams 16.50
NO NO Burger 100% fillet steak (the best in town) 15.50
Entrecote 18.00
T-bone +/- 500 grams 24,50
Served with vegetables or salad, matching sauce and chips


Glories OF THE SEA

Prawn jar cooked in sweet spicy sauce * 15.50
Prawns prawns from the grill * 18.50
* Served with vegetables or salad


PASTAS | fresh

Tagliatelle pesto fresh and homemade with basil, garlic, pesto, olive oil, and Italian Parmasan * 12,50
Tagliatelle with prawns fresh and homemade with prawns, chilli, olive oil, and Italian Parmasan ** 14,50
Tagliatelle with chicken fresh and homemade with chicken, gorgonzola, olive oil, herbs and Italian Parmasan ** 14,50
Tagliatelle Bolognaise 100% fillet steak 14,50

* Vegetarian
** Can also be served as a vegetarian meal.


NO NO Burger with chips 8,50
Chicken breast with chips 8.50
Spare ribs 1/2 rib with chips 12.50
Chicken nuggets with chips 8.50
Frikandel with chips 8.50


BBQ sauce 2.50
Knoflook sauce 2.50
Cocktail sauce 2.50
Mustard sauce 2.50
Chili sauce 2.50
Herb butter 2.50
Saté sauce mild or spicy 3.00
Pepper sauce 3.00
Stroganoff sauce 3.00
Mushroom sauce 3.00
Gorgonzola sauce 3.00
Cucumber salad 3.00
Baguette – basket full + garlic sauce 3.50
Chips 4.00
Jacket potato 3.50


  • Outside the map we have a number of regularly changing “specials”. Ask for it and be surprised.
  • Inquiry to our allergy card.
  • Unfortunately it is not possible to split accounts.


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